Suarez invited to gaming zombie wedding

In a publicity stunt right out of the top drawer, Luis Suarez has been invited as the guest of honour at the UK’s first wedding to feature a zombie bride and groom.

Capitalising on the buzz surrounding the Liverpool striker’s biting of Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic yesterday, publisher Deep Silver will hold the unholy ceremony tomorrow as part of their Dead Island Riptide launch party in central London.

Head of UK marketing, Mark Fisher, said: "Luis Suarez is currently getting a hard time in the media following his Branislav bite down, but at Deep Silver we understand those who have an appetite for human flesh like the zombie hordes found in Dead Island Riptide. With that in mind, we’d be delighted to have Suarez attend our zombie wedding… just as long as he’s aware that the bride and groom might bite back!"

Zombie apocalypse thriller Dead Island Riptide will be released in the UK for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this Friday, April 26.

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