Multi-format retro console to debut at E3

A retro console with a difference is set to be launched next month.

While "clone" systems are nothing new, they’re generally of questionable quality with support limited to only one console. Retro-bits’ Super Retro Trio, on the other hand, is compatible with original SNES, NES and Genesis games through its triple cartridge slot; Game Boy Advance support will also be available through an optional adapter.

Distributor Innex have also touted the fact the SR3 comes complete with S-video support (although unfortunately no HDMI output) and six controller ports (two for each system).

Innex president Titi Ngoy said: “Old-school is new-school when it comes to playing nostalgia games… There is a huge appetite for original 8-bit and 16-bit action and we anticipate an enthusiastic demand for this exciting line up.”

The console, priced at $69.99, will debut at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, June 11-13.

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