Saints Row IV's insane new gameplay

If a newly-posted gameplay trailer is anything to go by, Saints Row IV is set to be up there with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon as one of the wackiest games released this year.

In the video, Volition senior producer Jim Boone introduces a number of Saint’s Row 4’s innovative, and thoroughly bizarre, new features. In terms of weaponry, players will have access to an inflate-o-ray, which causes enemies’ heads to expand until they literally explode; a dubstep gun that fires in perfect sync with the thumping beat it produces; as well as a souped-up mech suit. The game will also offer a high level of customisation for its more conventional guns. Want to disguise your rocket launcher as a guitar case? Done.

Gang warfare – a staple of the series up to this point – gives way to a full-blown alien invasion, with players assuming the role of the president of the United States as he tries to save the free world.

The insanity doesn’t end there, however. As if the new weapons aren’t enough to deal with the invaders, players can utilise superpowers to their advantage; such as telekinesis, the ability to jump over buildings, and being able to freeze characters and objects. Colour us interested!

Saints Row IV is due for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on August 20.

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