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Amusing Fifa 13 Names

My childish side recently got bored on Fifa and put together a team of amusing and somewhat rude player names into one team. Here’s a quick run down of the players I put together, let us know any more you can think of in the comments section below.

In goal we have Lee Bum Soo who is protected by a back four of Nwankwo, Wille, Titi and Seamon. In Midfield are Shitta, Fuchs, Mahboob and Kum while upfront we have that classic combination of Dick and Fanni.

On the bench we have Banana, Goodwillie, Kums, Lee Bum Young, Ponce, Gaynor, and Bender

I chose to transfer these players to the Saudi Arabian team Al-Raed. You could obviously choose anybody but to avoid messing up popular teams it’s best to go for unknown. I simply chose Al-Raed because I think they have one of the best looking home kits on Fifa and for this reason my Pro Club team plays as them. It’s also the first year in the Fifa franchise that this team has been included in the game.

Also the team stats didn’t change too much after I made the changes so it’s unlikely anybody would notice online, even if they did know the team. Below are the stats before (left) and after (right).

They’re not the greatest team in the world, just 3 stars but I’ve been using this team to take on some La Liga noobs online. I understand that people support the Real Madrids and Barcelonas of this world but there are 30 leagues on Fifa 13 but you only see 4 different teams online. Yes, they’re the best but it’s also down to the ability of the player. Playing as the same team everytime is boring and therefore these kinds of people have become known as “Barca Noobs” amongst the Fifa community.

It’s for this reason I’ve taken to beating these players online with a mere 3 star team.

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