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An Interview with Tori Yummai

Photo by Chelsea Carter

To start with please tell the readers a little about your background.

I am a Cosplayer from the UK. I am currently a student studying film, production in digital media and film, and Japanese.

How long have you been cosplaying? Which costume was your first?
I’ve been Cosplaying for about 5 years now. My first Cosplay was Pikachu from pokemon.

Who’s your favourite character to cosplay?

My favourite is one I did fairly recently, which is the purple version of Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2. I love all the detail that goes into her and the make up, I am hoping to do the other versions of her too.

Do you make your own costumes?

Photo by Grant Tooze

I only make half of the things I wear as I hand sew everything and some things maybe a little too detailed for me to sew myself so I commission people to do the basic design or buy parts of it if they are available. I always tweek things I buy so that I have put some effort into it myself and find it much more enjoyable to wear.

Is there anybody you would like to cosplay that you haven’t or can’t?

There are many I would like to do, but if I had to pick one right now I think it would either be Miss Fortune from League of Legends or Neptune’s Goddess form from Hyperdimensional Neptunia.

Have any of your cosplays ever gone wrong?

There is one thing that always goes wrong for me and that’s the wigs. I sometimes find the long ones are too heavy and move around on my head making it uncomfortable. I keep fiddling with them which makes the problem worse, I broke a wig this way once.

Photo by Mr C1ucky

Have you been to many conventions?

As well as conventions, I always enjoy going to expos too, I’ve been attending them for 8 years now. At some point you just lose count of how many you have been too.

What video game cosplays have you done?

I have cosplayed Mad Moxxi and a female Psycho from borderlands, done a few different variations of Pikachu from Pokemon, Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, and Mario from The Mario brothers.

What game(s) are you playing at the moment?

At the moment I have gone into a retro phase with games such as Time crisis 1 and 2, Dynasty Warriors 2, Crash Bandicoot : The Wrath of Cortex, Harvest Moon: A wonderful life and Mortal Kombat on the Sega Mega Drive. I am also playing a few recent games such as Hyperdimensional Neptunia and Saints Row 4.

Photo by LimeGreenJelly

How long have you been into games? What’s your first gaming memory?

I’ve always been really into games but until recently haven’t been able to afford any, and no I think I go a little crazy with games. One of my earliest memories that I can think of would be playing sonic on the Mega Sega Drive.

Do you play “retro” games? If so what’s your favourite?

My favourite Retro game I think would be Time crisis because I love the fact that if you fail you have to start from the beginning and it only has one difficulty level so it is quite challenging or if I’m looking for a fun little story it would be Super Mario sunshine on the GameCube, that is my summer game.

What’s the most frustrating game you’ve played that’s had you stuck for hours?

I would actually have to say Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. Just for the fact it is the most tedious game I have ever played and if you don’t time it right one simple task can have you stuck for hours.

Photo by Martin Patterson

Do you enjoy playing online or just for the story?

I sometimes play online games such as League of Legends and Tera, but I really do prefer playing games with a story because I love getting lost in the game for hours.

That’s all the questions I have for you right now so that concludes our interview. Is there any other information you’d like to give our readers before we wrap this up?

Just that I have a fan page which I really enjoy getting feedback on!

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