Cosplay fails part 1

You’re always fighting a losing battle when you decide to dress as the console itself.

Quite possibly the creepiest looking Mario we’ve every seen. He went on to survive 8 worlds and defeat Bowser only to give the lovely princess to Luigi.

I always wondered why his legs and arms were so large. It was to store water of course!

It’s just as well he labelled his box or I would have not had a clue!

Did you make your costume yourself?

You’ll never see this stealth master coming. Unless, of course, he turns on the headlights on his head.

Luckily somebody else turned up in a small box so he didn’t look stupid.

This one has a bit more thought put into it and a bit of humour but it still makes our fail list.

The Big Daddy is just not as scary when made of cardboard and foil.

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Image credits go to Complex, CVG UK, The Worst, Heavy and Lazy Gamer

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