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Video: Watch Dogs Online Tailing

See our Online Hacking video here

Watch Dogs is a brilliant game topped with a unique and enjoyable spin to online gaming. Ubisoft knows what it takes to make a great online experience with previous games like Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed all boasting enjoyable online play.

In this video we’ll look at online tailing which involves the player jumping into another player’s game with the aim of observing them till the counter gets to 100%. The other player is completely unaware somebody has joined their game so it’s important to keep your head down and blend in with the AI characters to avoid being spotted.

To both players, their character looks like Aiden, while the oppenent looks like any NPC off the street making it easier to blend in. View the video below to see highlights from us having a go at this fun and nerve-racking game mode.

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