SSB4 roster leak confirmed by Japanese smashers

The ride to Super Smash Bros.’s final roster came to a close Thursday as Japanese streamer gema_yue, among others, completed a full character unlock of SSB for the 3DS on Twitch.

Upon completion, the roster leak earlier posted on 4chan was confirmed to be authentic. Dark Pit, Bowser Jr. and Duck Hunt Dog were the only newcomers not yet announced by Nintendo.

Melee fighter Dr. Mario will also make a return in
SSB4 using his trademark pills.

In light of the finalized roster, speculation has been circulating around the web as to whether or not more characters will be released as an update in the future. Others have suggested the possibility of an update to coincide with the release of SSB for the Wii U, which could allow the handheld title to have more characters, stages or trophies.

With the recent DLC announcement for Mario Kart 8, fans have also discussed the likelihood of downloadable character and stage packages. This would be a first for the Smash Bros. series as it was for MK8 and might suggest a new Nintendo mindset towards their relatively unexplored area of DLC.

Smash Bros. director, Masahiro Sakurai, stated in Friday’s “pic of the day” that updates in some shape or form would be released for the title and fans who have preordered the game through the Nintendo shop can even download patches before release.

The game is set to officially launch in Japan tomorrow.

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