WWE 2K15 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

2K Games today revealed the first official gameplay trailer for their upcoming wrestling sim, WWE 2K15.

Posted via IGN, the two-minute video offers a first look at a variety of wrestlers featured in the title, as the series makes its next-gen debut. It’s clear from the trailer, which you can watch below, that the franchise has received a complete graphical overhaul as it transitions onto the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Superstars such as Randy Orton, Kane, The Undertaker, Triple H, Hulk Hogan and others are highlighted; one appearance of particular interest is that of the currently prominent villain Rusev, who hadn’t previously been officially confirmed for inclusion.

We previewed the game a couple of weeks ago, which is due for release on October 28 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and November 18 on PS4 and XB1.

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