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TimeSplitters Rewind WIP Character Models Revealed

After months of silence, the team behind TimeSplitters fan project TS Rewind have posted up images of two work-in-progress character models from the upcoming game.

Due to the nature of the project, progress on the game has been slow, with rumours of disarray and a change in management prompting fears earlier in the year that it had entered development hell. However, developer Daniel Wesoly surfaced earlier today on the project’s Facebook page, posting two images showcasing very promising work-in-progress character models of Pvt. Poorly and Sgt. Shivers, both of whom appeared in TimeSplitters 2.

After unsuccessfully petitioning license holders Crytek to continue development on the shelved TimeSplitters 4, fans of the irreverent first-person shooter franchise decided to begin development of their own project based on the series. The team, led by Michael Hubicka, were subsequently given the go-ahead from Crytek UK, who also offered up official assets from the three games in the franchise as well as expert help.

Rewind is a standalone multiplayer game, built using the CryEngine and encompassing the most popular aspects from all games in the series. Although the developmental team are using the original assets as a reference point, they are recreating everything “from the ground up”. It is being developed for PC, as well as PS4.

The developers has promised to keep fans abreast of further updates to the project via its official website over the coming weeks.

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  • ZaLalopox

    Holy shit! Why hasn’t anyone told me about this game? I don’t care if it’s fan made, it’s still a new TimeSplitters game

  • Owen Atkinson

    I loved Timesplitters 2! I had fun with 3 as well, but 2 was the one that had my friends and I hooked for hours on end. I hope this one can deliver that same experience.