Rubicon mobile games library free this weekend

Rubicon Development have announced today that their entire library of mobile games will be free for iOS (and $0.99 for Android) this weekend.

The studio is best known for their BAFTA-nominated Great War Game turn-based strategy series, which debuted in 2011 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Great Little War Game 2, the series’ most recent instalment, was released in June.

Many of the other games in Rubicon’s library are optimized for mobile gaming, focusing on quicker, more addicting gameplay. Zombies: Dead in 20, for example tasks you with staying alive as long as you can against an overwhelming horde of the undead. One missed shot can, and probably will, end your game.

Rubicon managing director, Paul Johnson, said: “We’re trying a bit of an experiment this weekend, trying to gain some visibility for ourselves. Sales are old hat these days, so we’ve decided to go one better and just give all our games away, totally free, for this weekend only…This is part experiment, part gamble for us and there’s simply no way to know until we try.”

The giveaway ends Monday morning, so if you’ve ever wanted to check out Rubicon’s games or you’re just looking for an excuse to expand your mobile gaming collection, here’s your chance.

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