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Nintendo and Playboy join forces to promote Bayonetta 2

In one of the more unusual popular culture cross-promotions in recent memory, family-friendly gaming giant Nintendo has combined forces with Playboy to promote hack-and-slash title Bayonetta 2, which was released exclusively for the Wii U on Friday (October 24).

Playboy Playmate Pamela Horton, voted Miss October 2012, donned the skin-tight leathers, guns and pistol-heels of the trigger-happy witch for a photoshoot posted on Playboy’s official site.

The reaction on social media was largely positive, with gamers making light of Nintendo’s squeaky-clean image:

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  • Kaylynn Hammond


    • SonataDusk


  • smashbrolink

    Unexpected! Looks like Nintendo is breaking out of its conservative shell in a big way.

    • Guest

      …. Not at all.

      Nintendo’s the least conservative company of the big three in terms of actual polocies and restrictions.

      Hell they’re they only one who has an uncensored concker and BMXXXXX game

      • smashbrolink

        True, but rarely do they make any big ado about them, and rarely are they linked to strictly Adult-oriented businesses like Playboy.

        • Jesus Fucking Christ

          Because Sony, Sega, and Microsoft NEVER had a uncensored anything. *sarcasm intensifies*

          • smashbrolink

            When’s the last time they mentioned linking up with Playboy or another well-known adult-oriented business?
            Far as I’m aware, they haven’t. Furthermore, they’ve never been as conservative towards such things as Nintendo has been, even though they rarely did any advertisement deals like this.

  • Toominator

    I’m okay with this.

  • Proud American

    Nintendo stays winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matt

    Wow Ninty are the most mature at the moment with this and all the cross costumes ect in recent games and dlc to look forward to it’s safe to say Ninty are as mature as the name suggests.

    • Badass.Hero

      Nintendo used to deal in love hotels before they were a gaming company.

  • uPadWatcher

    Nintendo isn’t just playing with power… but promoting Bayonetta 2 with Playboy– Mind-freaking-blown!

  • Brian Green

    I mostly like this because it shows Nintendo is ACTUALLY mature, and not just a teenagers version of mature the same way most game companies are.
    Other game companies would probably just have a playgirl posing with a title of the game she’s promoting next to her. With the girl having nothing to do with the the game content and being nothing but an attempt to sell the game using sex.
    Nintendo however does a promo of a character who is characterized as liking to act sexy, and uses costume and background from the actual game, making the ad look like actual art.

  • Julz M

    Oh… wow! I really need to get me a Wii U.
    Have any of you seen Bayonetta Bloody Fate – the anime adaptation of the game? It looks so so good!