Monster Loves You! Review

I am a fan of games that are cute in twisted ways, and an even bigger fan of RPGs and simulation games with fun spins on them. Monster Loves You! is a fairly new release from Radial Games and Dejobaan Games, who have only been in the industry since 2012.

The game is a basic click-through, decision-making simulation journey in which you form your monster’s personality, legacy and status amongst the monster community.

While this premise may sound pretty straightforward and boring, there is a lot to love here. The art design is interesting and colorful; it wouldn’t be out of place in a Nickelodeon cartoon or even a Pixar short. The world it creates unis small but visually pleasing and imaginative. The sound design can be a bit droning at times, but it is largely upbeat and sometimes even a bit epic when things get more serious.

Oh yes, my friends. In a game called Monster Loves You!, things can actually get quite serious and even tug at your heart strings from time to time.

The imagination of a game is one of the first things I look for as well as a story. While the story here is largely left up to you, with only three or four key events taking place, it is still creative and incredibly funny. This is a very self-aware game that isn’t afraid to break the fourth wall, and that is something refreshing to see in a cute game.

Despite being so visually friendly and adorable, Monster Loves You! will mock you for making poor decisions. You can be kind, honest, clever, ferocious, brave and respected amongst the varying stats and each decision will either add or subtract from these points. Mind you, these points are necessary to pass checks for certain events, so it is worth it to experiment with varying scenarios and answers. Consequently, the replay value is high with this game and the relaxed atmosphere always makes it a nice title to settle in with.

As well as the points affecting checks and events, your decisions also affect your ending. There are numerous, unique scenarios that your monster’s legacy can become and they are all incredibly funny and, in certain cases, touching. Your decisions will affect even the other monsters around you and how they view outside forces as well as yourself. The more highly respected you are, the more your word will have an effect on the end game and the politics (yes, politics) involved. The best part about all of this is that the game is never outright silly, and the political aspect of it can actually be just as conflicting and serious as it is clever and funny.

I won’t spoil them for you, though, as they are well worth exploring the dialogue branches to find for yourself.

Are there any problems with the game? None that really come to mind, if I’m honest. Monster Loves You! is obviously no triple-A blockbuster, but the game is well crafted and appealing. Unless you’re the one guy with no sense of humor, you’ll probably enjoy it to some degree. It doesn’t hold your hand at all; instead, only giving you what it needs to for you to start slogging through your journey as a monster that would make Deadpool proud. The only major letdown is that the game is, without a doubt, very short. It keeps things simple enough, though, and its saving qualities make it worth having on your virtual shelf.

The game is also very reasonably priced on Steam; not even a full five dollars at the moment, and it is my opinion that this casual simulation game is a great light-hearted adventure with a lot to love and a lot of replay value. I’d urge you to give it a shot if you haven’t already. It is just as much fun for kids (sister tested and approved) as it is for adults.

All in all, I am satisfied with the game. It gave me a much better experience than I expected for a reasonable price, and got me hooked into replaying it several times with satisfying results. Monster Loves You! is true to its title and the game deserves snuggles and your coos of affection. Now go cuddle a monster!

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