Watch: Sonic X-treme running on Sega Saturn emulator

Shock waves reverberated through the retro gaming community last week when it was reported that an ASSEMBLERgames forum user, jollyroger, had got his hands on a never-seen-before build of one of the industry’s most infamous games, the cancelled Sega Saturn title, Sonic Xtreme.

Some 18 years after X-treme was scrapped by Sega amidst in-fighting and budgetary concerns, the first footage of this build, running in the SSF emulator, has been released on YouTube:

Due to the origin of this build and convoluted nature of its files, the video is limited and glitchy; the sorting through of the material is expected to take a number of months to complete. What it is, however, is an exciting new discovery regarding one of retro gaming’s biggest mysteries. Sega fans will be eager for the release of more assets in the weeks ahead.

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