Hidden Armada's voyage set to continue despite Kickstarter setback

Indie developers Hidden Armada have pledged to continue work on their frantic pirate brawler, Mutiny!, despite the title falling well short of its £25,000 Kickstarter goal.

With a plethora of indie titles being on display at this year’s gaming expos up and down the country, the cartoony party game was one of the titles to capture our imaginations the most. We weren’t alone, either, with Mutiny! receiving a lot of positive press coming out of EGX and Play Expo, as well as amassing over 150 backers for its Kickstarter campaign.

However, the £25,000 target proved to be a bridge too far for the ambitious three-man team, who broke the news of the fundraising failure themselves shortly before it was officially confirmed.

In a “post-mortem”, the game’s design director Will Wright, who we have previously interviewed, said: “Going to shows during the campaign seemed like a great idea beforehand, but ultimately meant we were away from the ‘office’ and the internet for long periods of time, which combined with the lack of traction from shows and the fatigue from travel and promoting meant updates and awareness suffered, and we finished at only 20% of our goal.”

Despite their obvious disappointment, the crew at Hidden Armada have vowed to press ahead with work on the game, buoyed by an extremely positive fan reaction during the past few months, with a demo of the game being downloaded numerous times. The studio are aiming to produce an Early Access Alpha version of the title for sale by the end of the year, in order to generate much-needed revenue to ramp up production on the brawler.

Furthermore, Mutiny! is still on Steam Greenlight, and, according to Wright, being approved “will mean a much bigger chance of… generating enough money to keep [the game] going”.

The seasoned developer’s position seems to ultimately be one of cautious optimism, while still rooted in reality. He concluded: “2015 is full of questions, and we might have to put Mutiny on the back burner and look to contract work to pay the bills. … We still have plenty for you all to look forward to this year, and an exciting adventure into the unknown next year!”

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