Payday 2 gets free Christmas-themed heist

Holding to their promise of consistent post-release updates, Overkill have delivered a free heist for Payday 2 to get us all in the holiday spirit. You know, if our holidays involve fighting of SWAT teams in a forest while cocaine falls from the sky.

Dubbed “White Xmas”, the heist has the psychotic Vlad sending players out into the woods to rescue a pilot who drunkenly crashed his plane, loaded with packages of coke disguised as Christmas presents. After the stumbling drunk is secured – in a toy workshop, no less – players have to retrieve as many packages from around the area as they dare, with police assaulting from all sides.

While silly, the heist is surprisingly solid, and not much of a departure from Vlad’s already larger-than-life character. Unlike Payday 2’s mostly urban environments, the remote setting here leaves players with little cover, forcing them to rely on speed and overwhelming firepower to survive. Given how well this aligns with the recently released Fugitive class, White Xmas is more than a festive gimmick; it’s a genuine addition to an already expansive game, one that still has many more gifts in store.

Other goodies that come with this update are new masks, achievements, a tommy gun and a preplanning stage for some of the game’s stealth heists.

Payday 2 is available on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.

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