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WWE 2K15 / EA Sports UFC Graphics Comparison: Brock Lesnar

If one thing about Brock Lesnar is certain, it’s that the former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE champion is his own man.

That point was strongly re-iterated last week, when the man who won the coveted UFC heavyweight title in his fourth professional fight was announced as a surprise inclusion in EA Sports UFC’s Legends DLC pack.

Lesnar, whose career achievements include defeating the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania and headlining the two most-watched UFC PPVs of all time, left MMA in 2011 to return to professional wrestling following two straight knockout defeats and a lengthy struggle with diverticulitis.

His inclusion in EA Sports UFC is particularly surprising considering he’s currently under contract to WWE, a company who are notorious for keeping their performers on a tight leash. Not only that, but he also featured heavily in the WWE 2K15 video game, released last month by 2K Sports – one of EA Sports’ greatest rivals.

With the Beast Incarnate’s appearance in EA Sports UFC prompting speculation about a possible return to MMA in 2015, it’s also afforded us with a unique opportunity to compare his character model in both games.

The left-hand side of the screenshots below depict Brock’s appearance in WWE 2K15, with EA Sports UFC on the right.

While Lesnar looks impressive and as imposing as ever in both games, EA Sports UFC’s superior lighting ultimately gives it the edge for us. That said, while Brock was much lighter in his MMA run than his appearances in WWE – due to weight class restrictions as well as his battle with illness – we can’t help but feel his EA model may look a little too lean. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • ocelot boss

    Eat sleep conquer repeat

  • BillyHoWCR

    EA UFC messed up his mouth, too pursed not wide enough. And his brow, doesn’t have his permanent scowl.

  • HustyparmenCZ

    ea sports superior 900p 30fps over WWE 1080p 60fps…yeah..keep telling that to yourself

    • ThePokeMaster

      That is irrelevant to character models, detail, skin shaders, lighting, etc.

  • bw76

    The head-on pictures tell the story. The UFC one barely resembles Lesnar, while the WWE one looks just like him. Look at his facial expressions, WWE nailed it. I own both games and he’s way more accurate in WWE 2k15.