Highly anticipated strategy title Prismata successfully funded

With just over 32 hours remaining, Lunarch Studios’ strategy game Prismata has managed to meet its ambitious Kickstarter goal of $140,000 CAD.

It is a remarkable achievement for the indie title, which has been massively helped by an overwhelmingly positive reception for the game on Reddit, where its users have helped to spread the word for the hybrid title.

Prismata challenges players at breakneck speeds by combining familiar elements from collectible card games – like Magic of the Gathering – and real-time strategy, whilst stripping back both collectibles and real time in order to emphasise quick-fire tactics and decisive strategy. The game has been touted as “a turn-based StarCraft without a map; Hearthstone, only with workers and build orders.”

While maintaining a decent fan response throughout, Prismata’s Kickstarter campaign really came into its own last month after a post by the studio’s co-founder, in which he lamented an incident where he mistakenly deleted an entirely mailing list, became one of the most upvoted Reddit posts of all time. The community soon rallied around the developers, helping them secure over 60% of the funding they required within just ten days.

Elyot Grant, the hapless developer who took to Reddit, said: “Prismata uses turn-based mechanics but, at heart, it’s a love letter to the RTS genre.

“We wanted to replicate the genre’s combination of fast tactical decision-making with broader strategy, but remove the mechanical barriers to entry and present the game’s complex systems via a clear and simple interface. The result, we believe, is a game that feels new, interesting and exciting, each and every time you play.”

Prismata’s Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow (December 20) at 11:35PM GMT. We’ll have an in-depth preview of the title posted in the days ahead.

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