Game Boy version of Tetris to be removed from 3DS eShop

In a surprise and disappointing move, Nintendo UK have announced via Twitter that the much-loved Game Boy version of Tetris is to be removed from the European 3DS eShop from this coming Wednesday, December 31.

The company gave no additional details regarding the classic puzzler’s removal, which will disappear from sale along with the 2011 retail game of the same name (known as Tetris Axis in North America), though it is thought licensing issues are to blame. With Ubisoft’s recent release of Tetris Ultimate across multiple platforms, it is being suggested that the publisher may now hold the exclusive distribution rights for the franchise in Europe.

Players who already own Tetris, or purchase it before the cut-off point, will be able to continue to play and download the game into 2015 – so it’s worth picking up soon if you’re a 3DS owner and don’t already have it in your collection.

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