No new DLC planned for WWE 2K15

Fans’ hopes for additional DLC for WWE 2K15 have been dashed today by the game’s publisher.

In response to a Twitter fan query, WWE Games at 2K’s community manager, Marcus Stephenson, confirmed that the company has no further announcements to make with regards to potential add-ons.

The full list of DLC for the pro wrestling sim includes three 2K Showcase mode storylines (One More Match, Hall of Pain, and Path of the Warrior), an additional moves pack, and WCW and NXT Arrival character packs.

With last year’s installment encompassing three wrestler DLC packs, it had been hoped that 2K might have an ace up their sleeves to reveal closer to Wrestlemania time in April. Today’s confirmation, however, lays rest to any and all rumours doing the rounds.

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