Fake Colours launches on Steam

Mind-bending puzzle game Fake Colours is now available for purchase on Steam, having successfully graduated the Greenlight process.

First released on Ouya in August 2014, the Forthright Entertainment-developed title impressed players with its vibrant style and easy-to-learn but maddening-to-master gameplay.

Lead developer, Ryan Waller, said: “Fake Colours has generated a lot of interest from the gaming community, which makes us really excited. We are definitely bringing Fake Colours to major consoles in the near future, but this game has been shaped with the input of the PC gaming community, and we desired to reward them with a PC launch.”

Fake Colours’ gameplay consists of rolling three coloured cubes to their respective target tiles. This apparently simple task is made difficult by the fact that cubes can only roll onto tiles of their own colour, as well as other cubes.

Puzzles get progressively more difficult as new mechanics are introduced throughout the 30 levels, providing a significant challenge for gamers of all skill levels.

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