Former Giant Bomb News Editor Joins Kotaku

Kotaku has today announced its recruitment of veteran gaming journalist Patrick Klepek, whose shock departure from the CBSi-owned Giant Bomb was only confirmed a few days ago.

In an introductory post on Kotaku, Klepek confirmed that he was joining the site as a senior reporter after four years at Giant Bomb, and added: “It’s an honor to join Kotaku and reunite with my former boss, Stephen Totilo. We worked together at MTV years ago, and I learned much from him. I’d hoped there would be a reason to reunite someday. The stars aligned late last year, and I decided to come on board… It’s clear I’m joining an already talented group.”

Klepek, who has been a mainstay in the gaming industry for many years, announced his departure from Giant Bomb in an editorial posted on the site on December 30 – though he’d actually left the company several weeks earlier.

In that post, the outgoing news editor paid tribute to his colleagues and readers, saying: “I’m saying goodbye to this job, these people, and this great community. You’ve given me so much, and I can only hope I’ve been able to give a little bit back. It’s been a dream, and know the incredible, heartfelt notes you’ve written me over the years will remain in my backpack. In the past, during a tough moment, I’ve turned to them. In the future, I still will.”

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