Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty Leaving IGN

Update: On their new live show, Greg and Colin gave a deeper insight into the logistics of the hole they will be leaving at IGN. Podcast Beyond, which they lovingly refer to as “their baby”, will continue as-is for the foreseeable future as the show evolves. Greg and Colin will still appear on the show every week as freelancers, and Colin will also be writing a piece or two every week for IGN as a freelancer as well.

Original: Today, some of the gaming industry’s legends are stepping away from their jobs to go their own way.

IGN veterans Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty, along with Tim Gettys and Nick Scarpino, announced just moments ago via Twitter that they have quit their jobs and will be going all-in with the Youtube channel they created a few months ago, Kinda Funny Vids.

In a video posted on their website, the four creators shared with us their vision for the future. They will be launching a new series of videos and content centered completely around video games, Kinda Funny Games:

Keeping with the formula they used to originally launch Kinda Funny, they’ve created a Patreon page to allow fans a chance to support their new endeavor. The new content includes daily podcasts similar to Podcast Beyond! and weekly let’s-plays.

What do you think of their bold decision? Let us know in the comments.

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