CES 2015: PlayStation Vue Coming Early 2015

Amid the flashy screens and cutting-edge hardware that defines the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony president and CEO Kazuo Hirai shared more details earlier regarding PlayStation Vue, the company’s previously-teased alternative to standard cable.

The cloud-based TV service, which Hirai said will “reinvent the television viewing experience”, promises to be a one-stop-shop for consumers’ video entertainment needs, providing access to live events, past episodes of shows, and movies. An invite-only beta of the service was launched back in November for select PS3 and PS4 owners in New York. Today, Hirai stated that the service will launch commercially in the first quarter of 2015.

No word was given regarding Vue’s price or future accessibility outside of Sony’s home consoles, and it’s still unclear as to exactly which channels and shows we can expect to be available.

We’ll keep you posted as news regarding PlayStation Vue continues to unfold.

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