New 3DS Ambassador Editions Flood eBay

A mere day since Nintendo made its New 3DS console available to a selected group of European players, the special Ambassador Edition consoles are already being resold online for exorbitant amounts of money.

With roughly 20 handhelds listed on eBay at the time of writing, they are split between bidding wars and very steep “Buy-it-Now” options. The most expensive of all is a listing in the UK that sits high atop a price of £500, plus 40 for shipping.

Tens have already sold, at prices averaging £280 (£100 more than its retail price), and we can only assume that the number will grow as people try to get their hands on this prized trophy-console.

As we reported earlier, Nintendo have launched an ‘Ambassador’ program for the console, which entails emailing a small number of Club Nintendo members and extending them the option of purchasing it at £179.99, well in advance of the New 3DS hitting the open market later this year.

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