Michael Cole Admits Commentary Has Been WWE Games' 'Weak Link' For Years

Long-time wrestling announcer Michael Cole has admitted that the WWE games series has been plagued by poor commentary for years – while outlining how the process is finally beginning to improve.

Speaking at a press conference that recently found its way onto YouTube, Cole said that prior to the development of WWE 2K15, he and Jerry “The King” Lawler would record their commentary for the game separately at their respective home studios. This amounted to little more than reading lines that had been emailed to them, he admitted – before imitating his own drab, monotonic delivery heard in the series.

However, the commentator praised current publisher 2K, who took over the rights to the franchise when THQ folded several years ago, for instigating a change in the way he and Lawler contribute their audio to the game.

The duo now record their commentary together at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as they watch action sequences from the title, with Cole saying that he and King have finally been “able to use the chemistry we’ve developed over 18 years of working together and really bring that to the game”.

He added that over 20,000 more commentary lines were recorded for WWE 2K15 than ever before – with that figure expected to double for 2K16.

Although WWE 2K15 was only released in November, and has yet to see the launch of all of its downloadable content, Cole revealed that the commentary team began recording their lines for next year’s installment last month, and will continue to do so every three to four weeks over the course of 2015.

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