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Microsoft Working On 'Beloved Strategy Game' For Windows and Xbox

Microsoft Game Studios are currently developing the ‘next installment in a beloved strategy game franchise’, according to a number of listings on their careers site.

According to the posts, the company’s Decisive Games team, which ‘is focused on world class strategy game development’, is hiring three senior software engineers to work on its latest project.

The job listings go on to request applicants with ‘familiarity of Direct X11 or Xbox 360/Xbox One rendering APIs’, effectively confirming a release on both PC and Xbox consoles.

The studio is hiring a generalist game development engineer and a senior tools engineer, but perhaps the most significant listing is a post for a senior client-server network engineer. This listing confirms a significant multiplayer component to the game, with successful applicants being responsible for ‘leading the networking and multiplayer aspects of gameplay, including both the real-time gameplay networking solution as well as supporting out-of-band systems such as matchmaking and grouping.’

The identity of the RTS game in question has yet to be confirmed. Some fans are speculating that it could potentially be a follow-up to 2008’s Halo Wars. Which strategy series sequel would you like to see Microsoft release? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Owen Atkinson

    Pharaoh! I know this can’t be it, because I can’t imagine how they’d do the multiplayer, but still… PHARAOH!

  • Shango Thomas

    age of empires iv

  • Colors United Make Greatness

    pls bb age of mythology… would totally make sense if you follow people who work at Xbox they’ve been hinting, it’s def AoE or AoM though. Would prefer myth because that shit is so groovy, taught me tons as a kid.

    • Myth

      Taught you tons about what?

      • Colors United Make Greatness

        General mythology it got me really interested in it and tried understanding the different Gods, units, wonders, etc. gave a good bit of insight into magical cultures lol.

  • Tim Heskith

    Looking at some dudes comment on a site…. Agree that Age of Mythology would be tha sh*t. Need to add China, Aztec or Maya and Ireland mythology…

  • ComradeHX

    Xbox One gets a strategy game?

    Better come with mouse support. Otherwise this is going to be one really simple game that no one will like.

    • SteveSteve

      Halo Wars was a great RTS for the 360. It can be done

      • Redbeard


  • kimvais

    It just has to be Close Combat -series.

  • albzbeastly

    age of empires 4 please.

  • Mark

    AGE 4 please!!!!!!!! PLLEEASEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Fedora

    Pls halo wars 2 age of empires is gay

  • AbdullA IraQ :)

    red alert 🙂


    Please be Halo Wars 2. Not like I won’t buy any RTS on my Xbox right now. But I want my Halo Wars 2.

  • djbarrett11

    I would love it if halo came on pc I loved halo on pc and I have a GTX 780 TI waiting to be used more pleas bring halo on pc it would be great thank you.

  • jin

    Halo wars 2 plssssssssss