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Naughty Dog Developers 'Still See Flaws' in The Last of Us

The creators of The Last of Us ‘still see flaws’ in their hit title, despite its phenomenal critical and fan acclaim.

The revelation came from co-director Bruce Straley in a recent Game Informer interview. In a video released by the publication, Straley illustrated his perfectionist mindset by saying that although he was “super happy” with the title’s vast number of game of the year awards and the fan response to it, there were still things the developers could have done better.

He stated: “You still see the flaws, you still see the things that you wish you had more time to improve on, and you still wish you could have done something a little differently.”

He added: “I’m super proud of what we’ve done here in the team and everything that we’ve accomplished… but at the same time, there’s another aspect, which is like, it’s not done, or something.”

The developer’s comments came in the context of discussing the never-ending process of improvement, and how Naughty Dog will use lessons learnt during the creation of The Last of Us in the production of their upcoming PS4 exclusive, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

How would you make The Last of Us better? Is it even possible to improve upon a title that received over 200 game of the year awards? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Guest

    Because there are flaws. Pretty big ones in the AI department to name one and the story had a lame ending.

    • WhoIsBrightside

      The ending is perfect. The game is about the relationship between the two characters, and Ellie saying “Okay” was the cap on that relationship. It showed her trust in Joel and Joel’s vulnerability in protecting Ellie like his daughter. If it went any further, it would have diminished that moment, which was pivotal.

      • datdude

        Thanks for understanding what the developer was going for. I get pretty annoyed with gamers who don’t have a clue and always want everything wrapped up in a nice tidy bow. We’ve gotten so used to being spoon fed some of us have no ability to think for ourselves and come to our own conclusions anymore. It always interests me how many gamers missed subtle hints in TLOU that were fairly obvious if you were paying attention….I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t played, so I’ll mention one thing here as an example….Bill being gay and his relationship with his partner. Naughty Dog builds tremendous stories and never insults the audience’s intelligence by making things like this obvious, but the hints and clues are always there for those who pay attention. Too many gamers have come to expect being hit over the head and being told what to think and how to feel. Think for yourselves.

        • WhoIsBrightside

          That’s another thing that’s so great about the ending as well, as there are so many little subtleties in Ellie’s delivery of the “Okay,” that you can take it in a ton of different ways. Was she saying “okay” because she trusts Joe is being honest? Was she saying “okay” because at the moment, she realized the lengths he would go to protect her? It’s brilliant writing that doesn’t spell out how you should feel, but lets you feel how you want.

    • Kumomeme

      you need to play it again
      or you need to play lot of game,watch lot of movies,and try it again
      lot of people praising the ending …
      how old are you?maybe you are young,some of the aspect in the game mostly strike older gamers,especially parents….i remember before neil druckman had said majority parents gamers who played the game praised the ending,because they understood the meaning ..its about relationship between two people you know,which is like parent and daughter

      also,if someone expecting big consipiracy or such in the game,quit it…the stuff already lame nowdays….even game tester had addressed this to the devs team during development,but they took the gamble,and look what their achieve

  • dingus

    The A.I. is indeed terrible at times, not gonna lie about that but still a solid game overall. I would just leave it alone and worry about perfecting part 2.

    • Kumomeme

      but the A.I already one of the best among games todays
      we currently in ‘next gen’ here,we might see much better A.I then

  • Bigjoe275

    Agree AI was bad the story left me with the feeling that I ate too much but can’t stop eating. And got angry at naughty dog for taking the plate away

  • rafael_miolow

    Good game, the story is great… but the AI is atrocious.

  • Selene

    They could have fixed the serious bugs! When playing the remastered PS4 version, I’ve had the game hang a couple of times, plus the auto-save is completely screwed up and overwrites your manually saved games. Also at times totally weird physics, like once a body “fell” up into the ceiling.