The Last of Us Directors Proud of How Deeply Players Connected With Game

The Last of Us’ co-directors have spoken of their pride and surprise at how deeply the game managed to resonate with players.

In an in-depth interview with Game Informer, in which they also talked about ‘brainstorming’ for a possible sequel, Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley shared some details on how the massively popular survival horror adventure game had touched on and inspired players in ways they didn’t originally anticipate.

Druckmann said his most satisfying moment about The Last of Us’ release was “seeing how much [the players] have connected with the story, the game, the experience”.

He added: “I’ve had people say it’s changed the way they think about life, and they want to have kids now, and they didn’t before. Ashley [Johnson, who voices Ellie] told me a story that after a girl played Left Behind, like, that helped her come out to her parents – and to me that’s just unreal.

“Our intention was to create something that would entertain and say something artistically, but I never imagined it would affect people on that level.”

Straley paid tribute to the Naughty Dog development team, saying: “I’m super proud of what we’ve done here and everything that we’ve accomplished, and I’m super happy that [The Last of Us] resonated with people.”

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