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Naughty Dog 'Think Big' With Uncharted 4, Aiming For A 'Pulpy Spectacle'

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is set to be a “pulpy spectacle” that will combine epic setpieces with gameplay and combat mechanics that “flow” together seamlessly.

That’s according to the game’s co-directors Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, who recently discussed the upcoming PS4 exclusive in a 30-minute interview with Game Informer.

Druckmann, who worked together with Straley in co-directing The Last of Us, said: “To us, Uncharted combat works really well when it has a flow to it, where you’re not just behind cover and shooting over it, but you’re ducking back down, and your cover is getting flanked and you have to jump, and move, and drop down to another level.”

The duo cited the addition of slide areas, such as mud slides, as being an “awesome” gameplay mechanic that sets up free-flowing action sequences where players have to leap off at the end, land on an enemy, grab their gun and take them out – then swing round to shoot another bad guy.

Druckmann stated that with Uncharted 4, the developers’ mindset was very much in creating a “comic book-style adventure”, with many setpieces being added that weren’t present in the PSX demo. He said: “Let’s think big: what can we collect, what can we blow up? It’s much more of a pulpy spectacle.”

Straley added: “Now we wanna go like, let’s blow some shit up… we’re making Uncharted man! We had to notch it to eleven again. We rubbed it out with The Last of Us and now, it’s like, get that thing back in there.”

After the pair talked about making Uncharted 4 a more character-driven, emotional story, it’s refreshing to learn that epic setpieces and free-flowing combat will make a return to the series. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming epic adventure in the comments below.

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