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Jak II HD Remake 'Will Not Be A Full Game'

While the gaming community has been buzzing the past several days after a fan showcased stunning video footage and screenshots from his CryEngine Jak II HD remake, it will be disappointed to learn that its creator has no plans to turn his “pet project” into a fully fledged game.

Yesterday, Jak II Renegade: Reborn’s developer Floordan – as he is known on DeviantArt and YouTube – confirmed that although he is in the process of recreating a number of different environments from Naughty Dog’s popular PS2 platformer Jak II (and potentially Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Jak 3) using CryEngine, the project “is not a full game remake”, due to both licensing issues and the lack of time and resources of his one-man team.

He added: “I’m still going to remake the environments for everyone to see and explore, but unfortunately we won’t be able to play through them as an awesome-looking, next-gen Jak.”

Although most mainstream publishers would have their lawyers soon lock their sights on the fan developer in question after getting wind of such an undertaking, the initial pre-alpha video of the recreated Pumping Station level caught Naughty Dog’s co-president Evan Wells’ attention in an altogether more positive way:

Are you as excited as Evan at the release of this week’s footage? Would you like to see Naughty Dog commission a HD remake of its seminal Jak and Daxter series? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  • Vegard Fjeldberg

    Bravo! 6th gen adventures to 8th gen. I am looking forward to see more.
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