Microsoft Unveils Xbox App For Windows 10

Microsoft will be releasing an Xbox app for Windows 10, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced just moments ago at the Windows 10 keynote from Microsoft’s Redmond, WA headquarters.

The app, one of many universal programs to feature cross-platform Windows 10 support, will allow players to communicate across Xbox Live, with a universal friends list, messages and activity feed all being present. Microsoft is also bringing across the popular Game DVR feature from Xbox, which will allow players to edit and share footage from any game running on Windows.

Spencer said: “Gaming has become a much more social activity… Connection and community and central to the gaming experience.”

The app will also allow for more extensive cross-platform multiplayer between PCs and Xbox consoles, with the upcoming Fable Legends being the first title to support the feature. During the keynote, Microsoft also confirmed that Windows 10 will allow Xbox One games to be streamed to compatible devices over wifi, anywhere in the home.

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