Square Enix Explains Lack of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Multiplayer

Online multiplayer was “too difficult” to carry over into the upcoming HD remaster of Final Fantasy Type-0, Square Enix has admitted.

In a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit, Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata apologised to fans for the lack of the co-op play that was present in the original game, saying: “In the original PSP version, we used the adhoc mode for the multiplayer feature. So trying to include that in the HD version would require creating a system to match players over a server and we felt that it would be difficult to include that in the HD version. I’m sorry.”

Under further questioning, Tabata reassured fans that all of the sidequests and rewards that revolved around multiplayer in the original title “remain in the game and are obtainable”, adding that DLC originally available via the Square Enix members’ site has been incorporated into Final Fantasy Type-0 HD itself.

When asked about why the game was not being released for the PS Vita, given that the original was released on a portable console, Tabata replied: “I wanted everyone to be able to play the game on a large high-definition screen. Honestly, my eyesight’s getting worse, so it’s getting difficult to see things on a smaller screen. I’ve seen some questions about why Type-0 isn’t being released on the Vita while X/X-2 HD saw a Vita release. The reason is that the X/X-2 HD Remaster was developed on a PS3/Xbox 360 environment, while Type-0 HD was developed on a PS4/Xbox One environment. So there is a great difference in the technical specs and it would not be easy to export the data to the Vita.”

He also added that there are no plans for a PC release, and that he’d “love to work on” a sequel if the title performs well.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases on March 17 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Are you excited to play it? Will it tide you over until Final Fantasy XV finally arrives? Sound off in the comments section below!

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