Nintendo Reveals Q3 2014 Earnings

After the market closed yesterday, Nintendo held an investors’ meeting in which they divulged that the company had indeed made a profit over the 2014 holiday season.

Coming to a close at the end of December, Nintendo remained in the black in Q3, but have cut their projected sales and profits for the rest of the fiscal year. The reported profit comes in contrast with the 2013 holiday season, in which the company saw moderate losses.

According to their financial report, Nintendo benefited largely from a weak Yen that gave them stronger returns from foreign currency. Both Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. were not enough to bring Nintendo to their expected sales numbers, although they did push a fair number of Wii Us – almost three million since the launch of Mario Kart 8.

The report goes on to show that despite a weaker console generation in the Wii U, Nintendo is nowhere near the danger zone. Currently, the company has 564 billion Yen ($4.8 billion) in cash alone, with 1.5 trillion Yen ($12.6 billion) in total current assets.

Total Wii U hardware sales to date have surpassed 9.2 million units, with software at roughly 52.9 million. The 3DS family (including New 3DS) has seen global sales pass 50.4 million, 1.3 million of which have come from the New 3DS in Japan and Europe. Total 3DS software sales have exceeded 216 million. The Wii even put up some numbers in Q3, bringing its total lifetime sales to over 101.4 million units.

The last number of great consequence is the number of amiibo sold. Although that particular sales figure was not in the report, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata put the number of global amiibo sales at 5.7 million – a strong start for Nintendo’s “toys-to-life” foray.

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