Nintendo to Launch New YouTube Revenue Model

Nintendo has unveiled a new website dedicated to streamlining their YouTube revenue system for those making Nintendo-related videos.

Officially called the Nintendo Creators Program, it is the end result of actions Nintendo began taking more than a year ago when it announced that it would be cracking down on those using Nintendo IP in their YouTube videos. This new system will allow creators to sign up as Nintendo affiliates to receive a percentage of ad revenue.

For those who want their entire channel to be Nintendo-centric, they can sign up to get 70 percent of revenue, while those channels with only some related content can receive 60 percent on a per-video basis – although these current rates “may be changed arbitrarily”. Payment will be made via PayPal up to two months after the monthly viewership numbers are recorded.

The program is set to fully launch on May 27, although beta sign-ups have already begun. What do you think about the new scheme? Let us know in the comments!

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