Club Nintendo Unveils Final Rewards

Today, Nintendo posted the final batch of physical and digital Club Nintendo rewards that fans can get their hands on.

A couple of weeks ago, Nintendo announced they would be discontinuing Club Nintendo as they prepare to roll out its unannounced successor. Today, more than 100 digital games and a handful of physical rewards were posted to the club’s website. Games include the retro likes of Yoshi’s Island, Metroid, and Super Mario 64, among dozens more. Some newer titles have made their way onto the list as well, such as The Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D Land, and Star Fox 64 3D.

More physical rewards make their appearance, including several new posters, Animal Crossing playing cards, and a Majora’s Mask themed messenger bag. All of these rewards will be available until the end of June, although new codes can only be redeemed for coins until the end of March. Flipnote Studio 3D will be available free of charge for all Club Nintendo users sometime this month.

What do you think of these final reward options? Will you be picking any of them up? Sound off in the comments!

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