Sonic Runners Receives Nostalgia-filled Teaser Trailer

Sega has today released an announcement trailer for its upcoming free-to-play mobile title, Sonic Runners.

Packed full of footage and music from the original Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy on the Sega Genesis, the teaser makes no mention of the recent ill-fated Sonic Boom games, and will certainly pique the attention of classic Sonic fans, many of whom are unhappy at the direction the franchise has been taken in.

While no gameplay footage for Runners was revealed in the video, Sega’s focus on the classic 2D Sonic titles certainly hints that the game will be in that traditional style, rather than that of the company’s previous endless runner, the 3D Sonic Dash.

Sonic Runners was originally announced at a fan event back in December by Sonic Team senior producer Takashi Iizuka. Today’s trailer and official website confirm a Spring 2015 release for the title.

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