Twitch Plays Pokemon Marks Anniversary With New Stream

A year to the day since its initial launch, the Twitch Plays Pokémon phenomenon has risen once again.

Using a hacked version of the seminal Game Boy title Pokémon Red, which uses chat commands from the streaming site as controller input, the aim this year is to fully complete the game’s 151-strong Pokédex.

The original stream reached over 6.5 million total views, with an average of 80,000 concurrent viewers online. The game was eventually completed on March 1, 2014, after more than 16 continuous days of gameplay.

The game will largely run in ‘anarchy’ mode, in which the vast majority of commands are accepted as input. For areas where play stalls for more than 24 hours, ‘democracy’ mode will automatically kick in, accepting commands on a consensus basis.

At the time of writing, the stream currently has over 11,000 viewers. You can follow events using the embedded player below:

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