Dissidia: Final Fantasy to Hit the Arcades

Fans of the massively popular JRPG will be no doubt pleased to hear that a new entry in the Dissidia: Final Fantasy series is currently in development for the arcades.

Square Enix unveiled the game, alongside a reveal trailer, at the Japan Amusement Expo 2015 in Chiba earlier today.

The arcade game will feature three versus three battles in a vast array of locations – with some fan favourite characters returning to fight it out against each other.

As expected, Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) will be slashing his famous Buster Blade around, and Terra Bradford (Final Fantasy VI) will be making us all swoon again. In a surprising addition, popular NPC Y’shtola (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn) is also being added as a playable character.

If you’re already excited about Dissidia, you can expect to hear more details on April 10 when Square Enix will be holding a presentation on the title. As for now, the story is still in development and this little sneak peek is just to get us all excited – and probably jealous if it doesn’t hit our local arcade… Console release, please?

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