Power Up Gaming's Video Game Valentines

It’s Valentine’s Day! We hope all of you lovers out there enjoy your flowers, wine, over-sized teddy bears and over-priced chocolates on the most romantic day of the year. Whether it’s just too commercial for you or whether you’re a total sap for it like us, everyone loves going on a date and spending time with the special person in their lives.

But then, what about those dream dates we have? We’re sure that everyone who has ever played video games has had a crush on a character at some point – and that’s okay! We can dream about taking them on a date, right? That’s not super weird, is it? Maybe it is.

Let’s take a look at who our picks are for a fantasy Valentine’s Day date.

Tara Jayne: My ultimate video game Valentine’s Day date would be Tali from Mass Effect. My love for Tali is no secret, and she’d be the perfect date for me. We’d go out and eat some cheese and get absolutely hammered on cocktails. Then we’d watch a musical together and sing along. She’s my kind of girl. Of course, there’s a really good chance I’d be holding her hood back as she collapses over the toilet afterwards – but that’s what romance is all about, right? Those tender moments where you see your beau in their worst state.

JD Schmidt: I’ve never really had a serious crush on a video game character, but growing up, my younger brother had a huge infatuation with Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith. So I guess that this Valentine’s Day, I’d want to set the two of them up.

Aerith is cute, sweet and innocent, but she isn’t a pushover. I imagine that she knows what she wants from a date, so it would be best to make it all about her. Start with a casual dinner. Nothing too serious, and you could probably take her just about anywhere except Tifa’s 7th Heaven. After dinner (and this is where it gets good), take her to a botanical garden, let her enjoy all the flowers and greenery, and allow her to explore nature. Finally, end the night with some rooftop stargazing, and you’ve got a solid date. Just be sure to stay close to her – bad things tend to happen when she goes off on her own.

David Tierney: Rinoa, Kirah, Peach, Samus, Mia Fey, Lara Croft… there are just too many choices for a Valentine’s date! I suppose the obvious choice would be one of the Dead or Alive girls, but those buxom babes would likely snub me and leave me whimpering in a restaurant (after they’d ordered a steak dinner and some snazzy sauvignon blanc, then refused to split the bill).

Who needs them? They’re probably all boring anyway. The character I want a date with most is a Sim. Just imagine it! Sure, there would be the Simlish language barrier, but there would also be a metre for how well the date was going, and I could also tell how well I was getting on from their scripted responses. Lastly, if it all went sour, I could lead them to a swimming pool without a ladder. A perfect Valentine’s date!

Austin Flynn: I’m going to judge this book right by the cover and say Vincent Valentine would be the perfect valentine for me. Not only does his name shout “perfect candidate”, but just imagine the awesome statuses I’d be able to post on social media using cheese ball phrases like “Happy Vincent day, Mr. Valentine!” and “I’m so lucky because every day is Valentine’s Day for me!”

And if we’re all being honest with ourselves, this holiday is more about how much you can gloat about being in love than actually being infatuated with someone. Plus, he’s edgy, has a strong side that comes out in the form of horrific, yet ripped beasts and the big kicker – the dude wears a cloak/cape/headband combo like it’s nobody’s business! If he throws in a quick training sesh with his triple barrel pistol and introduces me to the cast of FF7, he’s going to make me the happiest valentine ever. So I say: Vincent Valentine, be mine.

Which video game characters would you most like to wine and dine? Sound off in the comments below!

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