Naughty Dog Have No Plans to Develop for the PS Vita

Naughty Dog still have no plans to develop any games for the PS Vita, according to one of the company’s co-presidents.

In a recent interview, Evan Wells told Spanish gaming magazine Hobby Consolas that it is “difficult to have to work with two different systems”, adding that the studio wouldn’t want to deviate from what has made it successful – being a first-party developer dedicated to a single platform

Wells cited the troubled development of Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier for the PSP, which was eventually handed off to High Impact Games after it became a “distraction” from work on Uncharted, as being a major reason for the company’s decision.

He added: “We probably won’t be making any games for the Vita because we enjoy our position focusing on one system and consolidating our efforts there.”

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