Hand of Fate Leaves Early Access, Launches on Consoles

Defiant Development have launched the 1.0 version of their card-based RPG Hand of Fate on Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

The move to home consoles is a big step for the Brisbane-based studio, which prior to Hand of Fate had exclusively developed games for mobile platforms. Not only that, but Kim Allom, Defiant’s associate producer, stated in a recent blog post, “we’ll be the first Australian studio to both self-publish and develop a title for PS4.”

Developing Hand of Fate for consoles was always on the cards for Defiant. The PC version is evidence of this, being fully playable with either a controller or keyboard and mouse, with both options feeling intuitive and responsive.

For seven months prior to release, Hand of Fate has been available in Early Access on Steam. Already being a very solid build at the time of launch, most of the changes since then have revolved around rebalancing the combat and fixing minor bugs and exploits.

To thank supporters, Defiant has announced that anybody who purchased Hand of Fate in Early Access will receive the first DLC for free. According to Morgan Jaffit, Defiant’s creative director, this content will “enable a whole bunch of new starting conditions that will change up the way things go”, and thereby increase the options and opportunities available to players. This new content is set to release in mid-March.

For everyone else, Hand of Fate is currently 20 percent off on Steam.

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