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Rise of Tomb Raider Will 'Push the Boundaries' of the Xbox One

Rise of the Tomb Raider is set to ‘push the boundaries’ of the capabilities of the Xbox One, according to its game director.

In an appearance on a special edition Game Informer podcast earlier today, Brian Horton fielded a number of wide-ranging fan questions about Lara Croft’s latest adventure, due out later in the year as a timed Xbox exclusive.

When questioned on how the Xbox One version of the game will compare to the Xbox 360 version, whose development is being handled by Nixxes, Horton called the supplementary team ‘wizards’ and explained that although the 360 game will not be inherently different to the Crystal Dynamics-developed Xbox One version, it will be modified to accommodate the lesser power of the older console.

He explained that this is a huge bonus for Crystal, as it allows them to concentrate 100 percent of their attention on the Xbox One version. He added: “For us, of course, we are not limited at all, we are pushing the boundaries when it comes to what the Xbox One can do, and we are excited that we have such a talented group in Nixxes to bring the best 360 version to the market.”

Horton went on to pay tribute to the work ethic and ethos of the development team at Crystal Dynamics. He said: “Just know, if you’re a fan of Tomb Raider, you’ve got in this team a talented group of people that come to work every day trying to make the best experience we possibly can. We fight for quality, we fight for fun… We want to make sure this is the best Tomb Raider game you’re ever going to play, and we can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it.”

In closing, he added that fans should “expect to hear some updates very soon” with regards to the first gameplay footage for the title.

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  • 12Stepper4Life

    Well I should certainly hope so

  • andy

    Too right. We haven’t had an Xbone exclusive game to date that pushed any kind of boundaries that wasn’t a racing game. And this is on 360 too so its not very likely now is it?
    Guess we have another Wolfenstein, Thief, Watchdogs, Alien Isolation, Destiny, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age, Mortal Kombat X, Shadow of Mordor last gen/new gen game on our hands that will look pretty but certainly not “next gen”. The only problem is, none of these games released in Winter 2015 which will make even more unimpressive then. But like I said, I guess that IS pushing the boundaries of the Xbone when looking at EVERYTHING released on it to date from “next games” at sub par HD and cross gen games that ran at barely full 1080p 30fps for most titles.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      Wasnt the Order 800p @ 30fps? How sad that the PS4 couldn’t get 1080p @60fps for a 5 hour title…

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        but isnt it the greatest looking game of allll timeee!!! sooo, whats your point…? lool can you image the sequel.. you know only 6 hours in length but running 1080p 60FPS…!? sweet jesus lool BTW it took me 8-9 hours to finish the game just saying 🙂

        • shane

          Sorry, that was my smartass side.

        • shane

          WHAT, you make it seem like were are at the same place having a conversation face to face. I was just yanking your chain about the pony thing even though I’m pro Xbox.

          • Bilal Prince- Ali

            oh ahh i see i see… my bad then.. im soo used to gettign fools reply to me unnecezsarily liek ive disrespected their mums when im simply stating my opinion lol.. so my bad then, i have no problem with Xbox Pros/fanboys because i knowim a Sony fanboy, the only difference is i dont see a need to lie in favour of trying to make our arguments seem like facts lol

          • Bilal Prince- Ali

            Oh no no.. im not talking about you dw.. i meant just in general

          • shane

            Not worried, just sayin I didn’t lie..

    • i3myX1

      lol, troll harder!!!

    • kreator

      Oh the butthurt 😉

    • ak33715

      A different studio is handling the 360 version. Crystal is only developing the Xbox One version at this time.

    • spideynut71

      RYSE looks better than anything released to date on PS4, and it was a Day-1 launch title.

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        Well thats just plain and ismply a lie! ahahah as MANY even the reviewers who trash the game have gone on record to say The Order is damn near if not the best looking game ever… point blank period lol

        • spideynut71

          RYSE won the SIGGRAPH award for “Best Real-time Graphics”. Come talk to me when The Order does that.

          • Bilal Prince- Ali

            and when was that!!!!? and when did the Order come out.. you fool! -__- lol

  • Manoj Varughese

    Xbone hardware failing imminent.

  • cotacú

    Finish the potato360 version asap Nixxes, we’re eager for a good PC port like in the reboot.

  • Bilal Prince- Ali

    i Think the Xbox One community should be happy about this, so hopefully Crystal dont try selling them a Beverly gimped version of a good game!

  • Brad

    “Pushing the Boundaries of the Xbox One” … Now that’s funny.

  • Truthhurts24

    Microsoft is going to make this game phenomenal with their software expertise and resources. I wonder if they are using the DX12 api with this game, if they are it will really look next gen.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Yes, I’m wondering that also. But If anything I would cast my bet on Dx11 given the latest sdk update (Dx11.3) late last year, I think it’s formidable enough to make a great Tomb Raider game.

      • Truthhurts24

        I agree brother SDK DX11 can do wonders going by how Ryse and Forza Horizon 2 looked especially with the update but why not go all out with this game with the new DX12 api I mean additional software that can enhance gaming never hurt any dev.

  • Marc D

    How come all PS4 exclusives score 6 out of 10?

  • Marc D

    Xbox One has the best games, PS4 is lacking.

    • johnnyking

      You are so funny…. i still can’t play MCC online and Ryse is so lame. That only leaves me with forza to play

      • Marc D

        Guess you haven’t heard about games like Sunset Overdrive, Ori, etc.

        • asscrack

          yes I have sunset overdrive is kind of repetitive in term of mission and the humour is not funny. Ori did not come out when i posted that comment…..

    • Sweetbrandigirl2004

      Nope NOT trolling Shane but I do love me some PS4 and come on my little gif is cute you known it and you just stare at it then it becomes hypnotizing

      • shane

        your right it is hypnotizing.

      • shane

        Now I got that song stuck in my head.

    • TNA Wrestling Fan

      She’s a PS4 troll

  • Stlwtng4Dmdrxip

    It will probably push the boundaries in sales at least.

  • smoinc

    This is why home schooling is becoming more popular.

  • Jessika S.

    When you ask any developer about any game if it pushes the boundaries of a system what are they suppose to say “NO!” it’s a common answer followed by how they are pushing the boundaries.

    • Mark

      Boom. Spot on. I’d like to hear “pushing the split pools of RAM” or “taking advantage of the 7th cpu core”. Anything else is too vague.

  • Jessika S.

    I’m fine with exclusivity gives me something to pick up on my Xbox One while I get to play Uncharted.

    It also gives PS owners who only have a PlayStation some breathing room, you get to play Uncharted and in a few months maybe a year you get a full version of Tomb Raider with all DLC on the disc.

  • Soda Popinski

    Kinda goes without saying, it damn well better

  • Guest


  • korevirus

    Anyone understanding how programming works its rather hard to it its limit of the hw where API’s become better and better. Also he never said he was going to max it just have all the resources they need to focus on one platform… please stop confusing certain gamers loll.

    Fyi you can reach a point of gpu/cpu but Techniques and better API’s. Order is a good example of less to render or draws to make a great image. Its a technique the average gamer has no idea about.

    Both platforms API’s will grow with the system. As of lately API for esram was improved drastically. Why horizon 2 looks great with a massive open space. Driveclub looks great to but is not so open world.

    Also to point out people claiming on resolution so we all understand resolution is one of 7 things that make a great picture, shadowing and lighting should be above resolution. lighting ad shadowing is what will make game look even better. Compare to none dynamic lighting or shadowing. To have higher resolution, most cannot tell the difference unless trying to look.
    This being said resolution is important but is one of 7 things that make a great picture remember
    The debate on resolution is laughable upon some due to higher aa and lighting, shadowing is far better.

  • Aggrobiscuit

    These guys sold the definitive edition using individually modeled hair and eyelash hype. I’m not confident in their ability to make a decent game if all they can talk about is graphics.