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Sega Has 'No Plans' To Ditch Sonic on Consoles, Says Iizuka

The head of Sonic Team has confirmed that Sonic the Hedgehog games will continue to be developed for home consoles, despite Sega’s recent mobile-focused restructuring.

In an interview with Japanese site 4gamer, Takashi Iizuka was asked whether there was a possibility that the future of the iconic blue hedgehog lay exclusively on smart phones, in light of the recent Japanese release of freemium mobile title, Sonic Runners. He replied: “Currently, we don’t [have that plan and intention]. Now, for this product only, we selected the smart phone/mobile as a friendly platform for the users [of this game] because it is F2P and therefore it was suitable for there. Personally, I don’t plan to stop Sonic for home video game consoles. Don’t worry about them! And enjoy!”

The confirmation is sure to come either as a relief to diehard fans of the franchise, or as bad news to those who were stung by the troubled release of Sonic Boom for the Wii U late last year.

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  • andy

    They have been beating a dead horse the past 20 years since Sonic & Knuckles, why would they suddenly stop now?????

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    There is that rumored PS4/X1 Sonic game supposedly being worked on, they’re probably alluding to that, which if it turns up true, will mean the end of the publishing deal they have for Sonic with Nintendo.

    • David

      Most likely. They’ve seen how third party games on the wiiU do, and so, like all other publishers, are dropping it.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Yeah now they can say instead of dropping the ball, they’re dropping Nintendo, since Nintendo falls harder and deeper each time a third party ditches them.