Metal Gear Solid V Gets Global Release Date

Today we’ve learned that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released worldwide on September 1, 2015.

The date, along with a slew of other information about the upcoming game, was revealed in a video interview that was discovered on IGN’s servers, leaked out, and removed shortly thereafter. Posted to NeoGAF by the user Dawg, this information comes ahead of a planned Metal Gear announcement that’s supposed to take place tomorrow, according to a countdown on the game’s official website.

In the interview, series creator Hideo Kojima explains that the game is taking a bit of a new direction compared to previous entries in the franchise. He discusses the difficulties of creating such a massive open world while trying to tell a cohesive story at the same time. Accordingly, Kojima states that The Phantom Pain’s plot will unfold in a fashion more relateable to TV episodes – small, contextual chunks of story that come together over time. To make the vastness of this new open world, his team created a whole new engine for the game, called the FOX engine, that has better allowed them to scale development and create the world that Kojima wanted.

Kojima also explains that this will be his last Metal Gear game. With a bit of a laugh, he acknowledges the fact that he has said this before, but that this game provides the closure to the saga he created. He goes on to say that even if the series continues, The Phantom Pain will be the final Metal Gear game to him.

Can’t wait for September 1? Share some of your excitement in the comments below!

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