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The Top 10 Pokémon That Need Mega Evolutions

A few weeks ago, we took at look at ten of the coolest Mega Evolutions that the world of Pokémon has given us. Mega Evolution has been around for a couple of years, and even though there are over forty Pokémon that can achieve the coveted ability, there are a few awesome ones that seem to have been left out of the mix.

Today we’re stating the case for ten Pokémon who currently can’t Mega Evolve, but really should be able to. From fan favorites to powerhouses, the pool of Mega Pokémon feels a bit empty without these guys. Listen up, Game Freak. These are the ones we want to see.

10. Golurk

There are a few different aspects that Golurk possesses that make it a pretty awesome Pokémon. He has high attack and defense stats, and is a dual Ground/Ghost type Pokémon. This type combination makes it immune to Normal, Fighting, and Electric type moves, and resistant to Poison, Rock and Bug types. Oh, and it can fly, too.

Golurk is already a massive Pokémon, and a Mega Evolution could allow it to be even bigger, and have a more devastating Attack stat. Just imagine a ten foot tall Mega Golurk flying towards the opposing Pokémon, concentrating all of its strength and weight into a single attack. Too bad the other trainer can’t run from the battle, because that would probably be best if Mega Golurk shows up.

9. Flygon

Flygon is a great Pokémon. It is one of only five Ground/Dragon types, and one of the best all-around picks out there. Flygon has decent stats all across the board, and Mega Flygon could be great if it received partial boosts to each of its well-rounded stats.

Flygon already looks awesome, like some kind of insect-dragon-alien hybrid. Mega Flygon could have an additional set of extra spikey wings, more advanced antennae, and a sharper, more dragon-like appearance. If Flygon could Mega Evolve, it would almost certainly become one of the top go-to Dragon Pokémon for many trainers.

8. Machamp

In the first generation, four Pokémon were only capable of achieving their final evolution if they were traded. Two of these Pokémon, Alakazam and Gengar, already have Mega Evolutions, so it’s time to start filling in the gaps. Mega Golem would be great, but Mega Machamp would be amazing.

Machamp is a total beast, and part of a very cool evolutionary line. As Machop evolves into Machoke, and eventually Machamp, it gets bigger, badder, and meaner. Imagine what a step beyond Machamp could be. I’m picturing six arms, minimum, with lots of veins popping out, and sharply increased Attack stats. Machamp is just so awesome, it’s crazy that he can’t already Mega Evolve.

7. Xatu

Xatu is an extremely interesting Pokémon. Xatu doesn’t immediately provide an obvious sense of ethereality and mysticism, but its Pokédex entries certainly do. The Dex informs us that Xatu is able to see both past and present simultaneously, and that it is familiar with the practice of Sun Gazing, a form of Mesoamerican meditation. Xatu’s appearance is unique, being modeled after Native and Central American culture – specifically the totem pole, or Xat, from which it gets its name.

It would be fantastic if Mega Xatu had extra parts of a totem pole added to its body, or if it gained a larger wingspan, or additional mythical markings. Mega Xatu could also be the recipient of Special Attack and Special Defense stat boosts. It would be fantastic if Mega Xatu also gained an ability similar to Sandstorm or Snow Cloak to raise its evasion, which would correspond with its ability to see the future.

6. Milotic

How “the world’s most beautiful Pokémon” doesn’t already have a Mega Evolution is beyond comprehension. This one feels like a no-brainer. If a Pokémon has a quality that makes it to the top of a certain category, it should be treated as remarkable. Milotic is about as close to a legendary Pokémon as you can get, without actually achieving legendary status.

Milotic already has pretty decent all-around stats, with an emphasis on Special Attack and Special Defense. Milotic’s body and coloring are already reminiscent of the Mega Evolution symbol, and this could be incorporated more fully into its Mega form. Extra colorful fins would also a must.

5. Tyrantrum

What’s scarier than a T-Rex? A Mega T-Rex. If that isn’t already a thing, then it definitely should be. Who cares if it has short, stubby arms? Mega Tyrantrum would be a force to be reckoned with. It is one of the coolest fossil Pokémon since Aerodactyl and Omastar. Pokédex entries tell us that before Tyrantrum became extinct over 100 million years ago, it was so powerful that it was considered to be invincible. It’s time to restore Tyrantrum to its former glory.

Mega Tyrantrum would work best if it had boosts to its Attack and Defense, making those stats quite high. It could also receive an ability like Dry Skin to make things interesting. I’d like to see Mega Tyrantrum get bigger, spikier, and maybe darker in color.

4. Aurorus

If Tyrantrum gets to Mega Evolve, then Aurorus definitely should be able to as well. Aurorus looks like a beautiful mixture of Lapras and Dragonair, and is the perfect opposite of Tyrantrum. Where Tyrantrum is fierce and intimidating, Aurorus is gorgeous and soothing. Tyrantrum’s best base stats are its Attack and Defense, and Aurorus’ are Special Attack and Special Defense.

Mega Aurorus would look amazing with larger, more colourful sails coming from the top of its head, and more ice spikes/gems running down its body. It would be great to see a battle between Mega Aurorus and Mega Tyrantrum.

3. Shuckle

Mega Shuckle would be simultaneously hilarious and amazing. Shuckle may not have high stats overall, but it totally destroys the competition in the Defense and Special Defense departments. The Pokémon with the highest Defense next to Shuckle is Steelix, and Steelix’s Defense is a whole thirty base points lower than Shuckle’s. Now imagine if those stats got boosted even further when Mega Shuckle comes into play.

I can’t even imagine what a Mega Shuckle would look like. One of the greatest things about Shuckle’s appearance is its pathetic, innocent look that causes trainers to totally underestimate it. Maybe it could have extra limbs, or a larger, more impenetrable looking shell. Either way, this is one Mega Pokémon that I really want to see.

2. Dragonite

Mega Dragonite just makes sense. When Mega Evolution was first announced, I just assumed that Dragonite would be able to Mega Evolve because that’s just the kind of Pokémon that it is. It is a fan favorite, it is recognizable, and it is great in battle. Aside from its Mega Stone being called “Dragonitenite,” I just can’t see why Dragonite hasn’t been picked for Mega Evolution yet.

Dragonite is another really great, well-rounded Pokémon that could receive boosts to most of its stats. Dragonite already has a very dragon-esque appearance, so it would be amazing if Mega Dragonite capitalized on the “knight” part of Dragonite’s name. Imagine if it were to gain metal armor and a helmet; it would be unstoppable.

1. Mew

I’ll admit, I’m a total sucker for Mew. The mysteries and secrets surrounding this ancient Pokémon have always kept it as one of my all-time favorites. And why not? It can learn any HM or TM, and is thought to possess the genetic composition of all Pokémon.

I would love to see the genetic mysteries of Mew integrated into Mega Mew’s design. it could have a longer tail, and the tail could be made entirely of double helices or strands of DNA. It could also have the Mega Evolution symbol placed right on its forehead. The last Mew giveaway event was in 2009, and I think it’s about time that trainers were able to receive Mew again, but this time with its Mega Stone.

What do you think? Which of your favorite Pokémon would you like to see gain the ability to Mega Evolve? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

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  • aleale

    milotic, dragonite, shuckle and mew! but first mitotic please! i really love that pokemon! my favourite one!