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Latest WWE 2K15 Patch Fixes Major Issues; Introduces One of Its Own

2K Games have today released a new patch for its latest wrestling sim WWE 2K15, which issues a large number of fixes for game bugs and glitches – while introducing a particularly nasty one of its own.

The 1.04 Update finally addresses a soft crash that occured on the PS4 version of the game if players were to start it up without an active internet connection, while also fixing a number of problematic in-game scenarios, creation suite issues and WWE Universe mode bugs.

The full PS4 and Xbox One patch notes are listed below, with a full list of changes for the last-gen versions of the game available via the publisher’s official website:

Major Fixes:

  • (PS4 Only) Eliminated a soft crash that occurred when booting the title with no internet connection
  • Made a number of essential fixes and updates related to functionality for the “NXT ArRIVAL” downloadable content.


  • In tag team matches, if the player first knocks the legal man’s partner off the apron, that partner should stay down longer and allow the player more time to attempt a successful pin against the legal man.
  • AI Superstars will recognize leverage pins and attempt to break them up in multi-man matches.
  • Improved AI targeting during tag team matches.
  • AI Superstars are now more adept at hitting top rope finishers
  • Addressed an issue with the Diving Cross Body 1 Finisher
  • Fixed a bug in which a move could fail to award a Finisher if the player used it on an opponent as a Signature.


  • Addressed an issue with accepting invites while editing Background Matchmaking preferences

Visual Presentation:

  • Addressed consistency issues related to Superstar bleeding. Foreign object strikes and OMG moves now properly increase the likelihood of causing bleeding (if the “blood” option is turned on)
  • Fixed an issue with the victory scene after winning a 6-Man Battle Royal Title Match

WWE Creations:

  • Fixed an issue with custom logos after applying them to a part and then modifying the part’s color.
  • Fixed an issue when applying piercings to certain Superstars
  • Glasses should no longer deform when applying a hat to a Custom Superstar.

WWE Universe:

  • Fixed an issue in WWE Universe in which the game was not properly saving edited matchups
  • Fixed an issue in which Rivalry winners were incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed an issue related to the incorrect Superstar appearing in a certain rivalry cutscene


  • Addressed an issue in which the ring announcer would incorrectly announce Champion vs. Champion matches.

Downloadable Content:

  • The “O’Connor Roll” is now selectable from the standing leverage pins in Create a Move Set if “One More Match” is installed.

Despite the numerous fixes, however, the patch has also created a major issue of its own. While Hulk Hogan certainly isn’t the agile athlete he was back in his prime, players have reported him now completely freezing up post-patch while attempting to deliver his potent Atomic Leg Drop finisher, effectively crashing the game. 2K Games were quickly made aware of the issue via Twitter, and have pledged to address it in the next game update – which may be as soon as tomorrow, when the NXT Arrival DLC pack is released.

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  • Kenny

    Update patch? I see no difference. My WWE Universe mode still does the same annoying thing in the PPV’s where we would change matchups that were incorrect, and it still deletes other matches that we made -.-

  • Ryan

    European championship announcer glitch fixed?

  • Loz

    Still no fix