Rare Shows Off Interactive Banjo Kazooie Demo

Rare has continued to fuel speculation over a potential return to their hit franchise Banjo-Kazooie by showcasing a tech demo featuring the loveable duo at the SXSW Gaming Awards in Texas.

Created in partnership with media start-up Audience Entertainment, the special demonstration allowed attendees at the awards show to participate en masse in some familiar cartoony platforming and puzzle elements through the use of gestures, and was powered by the latter company’s patented iD (interactive dimension) technology.

A tweet posted by Rare shortly after the presentation confirmed that the game was created exclusively for the crowd at the SXSW show, and is not a demo for an upcoming game – though it certainly confirms that they are still very much interested in the franchise.

Judging by the graphics on display, it is believed the demo may have been re-purposed from an abandoned prototype created several years ago for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 peripheral.

Its reveal comes on the same day as Playtonic Studios, a team made up of former Rare developers, officially unveiled Project Ukulele, their spiritual successor to the N64 original.

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