The Top 8 Characters We Want to See in Street Fighter V

It’s safe to say that Street Fighter has its fair share of colourful characters, many of which get plenty of love and attention. Unfortunately, not all of them can make it into each game. With that in mind, here are eight characters we at Power Up Gaming feel need to make a return in the upcoming PS4 and PC-exclusive Street Fighter V.

8. Urien

While Urien looks almost bland when he first starts the match in his rather dull attire, all is blown away as his suit literally bursts into pieces, while his skin darkens and he transforms into a brutal fighting machine. With his unblockables and insanely useful Aegis Reflector from Street Fighter III, this is a character you definitely don’t want backing you into a corner.

7. R. Mika

Brush aside the dark hadou and all the broodiness of Akuma, and deep down Street Fighter is a bright, colourful series. Nobody embodies the colourful fun of the franchise more than Rainbow Mika. Sure, she may not be the toughest of opponents, but she looks like she’s having fun doing it.

6. Q

At the opposite side of the spectrum to the previous entrant, Q is both mysterious and dark; wearing a metal mask and a trench coat, he is extremely intimidating. Even his stage entrance features people running from him in terror, and when defeated, he shudders like a malfunctioning robot. Though he’s never fully explained, Q seems both psychotic and misunderstood.

5. Skullomania

On the surface a somewhat goofy looking character inspired by the Japanese series Kamen Rider, Skullomania started with an equally goofy backstory of being a salesman turned vigilante crime fighter, but that was later changed to turn him into a defector from an unknown nation.

4. Necro

Part Dhalsim, part Blanka – but all awesome – Necro is without a doubt one of the most interesting characters to come out of Street Fighter III. He has a play style as unique as his looks, neither of which have been replicated since.

3. Sodom

Another Final Fight character that crossed over into the Street Fighter franchise, Sodom (known as Katana in the west) looks almost like a samurai NFL player. Starting off as the leader of the Mad Gear gang from Metrocity, he entered into the Street Fighter tournament in order to recruit more strong fighters to his gang. Wielding either katanas or jitte, he was definitely a force to behold.

2. Karin

The stereotypical rich girl and daughter of the owner of the Kanzuki Corporation, she entered the Street Fighter tournament in order to hunt down the Shadaloo, who were attempting to pressure her family’s corporation. She fills the role of Sakura’s rival, and a lot of her play style came through counters and dash strikes, making her hard to master, yet extremely satisfying once you do.

1. Maki

Another member of the Bushin-clan just like Guy and another entrant that started off in the Final Fight series, Maki is the embodiment of an ass-kicking kunoichi (female ninja) and proves as much with her hit-and-run style of play that relies heavily on her mobility and speed. Overwhelming your opponent with her speed was always enjoyable and always will be.

Did we miss out your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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