Hall of Famers Join WWE Immortals Roster

Just in time for this weekend’s WrestleMania 31 extravaganza, two wrestling hall of famers have been added to NetherRealm and Phosphor Games’ free-to-play mobile title, WWE Immortals.

Two variations of both ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage are introduced as playable characters in the fighting game’s March update, which also sees the addition of an all new events system.

Savage, who will be posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this Saturday, appears in the form of unique, superhero-like ‘Macho King’ and ‘Renegade’ personas, while Stone Cold is available as the ‘Icebound Watcher’ and ‘Texas Rattlesnake’.

Meanwhile, the events system sees the inclusion of a number of in-game opportunities relating to current WWE programming. Between now and April 2, a WrestleMania-themed event will take over the game, with players who place at the top of the leaderboards during the week receiving the opportunity to win exclusive WrestleMania-themed gear. The daily quests on offer throughout the week will also reflect WrestleMania 31 matches and themes.

The update is now available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. According to a press release issued this afternoon, it is also “coming soon” to Android devices.

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